Tuesday, December 30, 2014

                            New Scenery Postmark - Arch Temple

Baisha Tun early ancestors living from the sea for a living, because sea fishing difficult and dangerous, they enshrined the soft body of the Virgin of heaven to pray for peace. Late Qing Xianfeng began raising funds to build the temple arch, completed Tongzhi years. Its temple take the east, is a very close from the sea temple, after several renovations to expand and become today two hatchback-style temples temple architecture. Go Pak annual walk way temples pilgrimage is an annual event Baisha Tun, many go to work or move overseas folks will come back to participate in the event, this tradition has been more than two hundred years or more of history.

Postcards, scenery postmarked on December 15, 2014 from Baisha post office


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