Sunday, January 16, 2011

In Memory of the Completion of TRA's Tainan Shalum Line

In order to combine Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA)'s Tainan Station with Taiwan High Speed Rail (HSR)'s Tainan Station, the Government plans the railway construction of Shalun Branch Line. This 6.52-kilometer railway starts from TRA's Zhongzhou Station, snakes its way through Er-ren River, passes Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Highway, and makes its final destination at Shalun Station. TRA's Shalun Branch Line is an all-elevated, double-tracked and electrified system with CJCU and Shalun 2 commuter stations. TRA plans to operate 70 commuter trains mainly between Nanke, Tainan, and Shalun Stations, providing passengers with more convenient transfer services between TRA and HSR systems.

Presented covers the post office, commemorative postmarked on January 02, 2011 from Tainan temporary post office

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